Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

As the information technology is increasing, there are many communication tools are used in business area, for example, LinkedIn Profile, Word Press, Slide share, Skype, Nimble.

  1.  Linked in profile, it is a tool for indicators to find a job even a career and it is also belong to a social stage to communicate with the company’s Human Resources Department. The employer could get some pieces of information about the employee or indicators’ educational background, work experience, professional skills, and etc.
  2. Word press, a professional blog that people can put ideas about the topics that might be related to the market. There are some advantage of word press, for example, it belong to free and also professional blogs. Another r point is that it is SEO friendly and easy to use.( )
  3. Slide share, which is a power point format to show some pictures about us. And we can put some photos that are related to professional stage.
  4. Skype, a tool to communicate with other employers and employees and also is used in normal life. It is widely used in business area, especially for long distance or international meeting.
  5. Nimble: A tool to build up the stage of people who you have relationship with. And also helps employee grow our business through social networking. The function of this application is to manage the important contact within network and engage with our contacts through this social media network.(Social  Media,2013 )  3 Social Media Tools That Improve the Sales Cycle.,2013. Retrieved 16th April, 2013 from

             There are several ways to use social media network for self-promotion/ self-marketing, like we need to separate our business work from our daily life. In other words, We can not write some comments about sports on the Linked in, because this piece is not related to professional work.( )  Another hint to market ourselves is avoid losing balance on the content of information on social media/ network. There are some functions for social media that is related to business, like recruiters can find some indicators to fill the vacant position. Some recruiters prefer use the social media to find employee, but there are other people avoid using the social media because of the security, and the reliability of the indicators’ information. And these days, there are some illegal problem and fake information on the website. Although the information on the website is upgrading as soon as possible, some employer would not only focus on the content that show on the website but also the experience and the skills to solve the problem in real life.

Here is video’s link that is about the power of using social media successful in business marketing:


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